A Python App to upload Images to a Pixelfed instance
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Pixelfed Importer

a Python app to publish all images from a folder to Pixelfed. This script use Image Meta Tag Description fot the Post Description.

How to use

  • create new confg file like the example one
  • execute PixelfedImporter.py

if you want to add some default tags create a new tags.txt file with all Default Tags. You also can add a default Text in ths File.


To use this you need a config.json if this cannot be created automatically, here is the structure:

  "server_url": "URL TO YOUR PIXELFED",
  "access_token": "YOUR ACCESS TOKEN",
  "image_path": "PATH TO YOUR IMAGES",
  "upload_type": 0|1,
  "delete_file": true|false

upload_type 0 creates 1 post for each image from your folder (image_path)

upload_type 1 creates 1 post with all images from your folder (image_path)

Uploads at Type 1 only use Image Meta Tag Description from the first image for the post description.


You can add a tags.txt, in which standard tags can be stored, which will always be added at the end of a post.